LifeTEAM is leading the way and has brought together the biopsychosocial rehabilitation continuum. 


How we do it

Smart Partners. Thought Leaders. Change Agents.

There are better ways to prevent or reduce occupational disability associated with pain, depression, cancer survivorship, and other chronic health conditions. At LifeTEAM®, we are always re-thinking how we do things. We challenge even our own status quo! LifeTEAM® leaders are critical thinkers – thought-leaders and do-ers --- who are persistent in challenging what we do - what we all do. We want to be change agents with both those we serve and for the communities within which we live and work. By challenging today’s health system, new ideas emerge. New partnerships can develop. These new ideas and new partnerships lead to real solutions. And these solutions can result in real change.

LifeTEAM® leads by adopting best practices and moving on from those ideas and practices that simply don’t work. Through our innovative whole-person approach, our team delivers focused solutions to common health and work disability problems that impact our communities.

LifeTEAM® leaders are considered experts in their respective fields of rehabilitation counseling, disability case management, occupational medicine, pain management, physical medicine and rehabilitation, exercise physiology, health psychology, occupational therapy, disability case management, chiropractic, and physical therapy. These leaders keep LifeTEAM® at the forefront of the health care industry.

  • Trained and developed a national network of providers specialized in biopsychosocial rehabilitation
  • Developed technology infrastructure for centralized documentation and a case oversight system
  • Created a new space and 'disruptive service' in the workers' compensation and disability industry
  • Implemented programs with major insurers and employers
  • Demonstrated positive outcomes with programs
  • Participated in regular academic speaking venues at national and regional industry conferences
  • Partnered with managed care organizations