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LifeTEAM® has adopted an evidence-based intervention known as Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP®). PGAP® was developed at the Centre for Research on Pain and Disability at McGill University. PGAP® is delivered as PGAP® alone or as PGAP® Plus Physio, PGAP® and an integrated active physical therapy program. LifeTEAM® is the only national PGAP® network in the U.S.

PGAP® is currently considered one of the most empirically supported standardized interventions for targeting psychosocial risk factors that impact work disability such as Catastrophic Thinking, Perceived Injustice, Fear Avoidance and Disability Beliefs. PGAP® is a behavioral life-role re-integration return to work program that targets and reduces psychosocial factors impacting disability. PGAP® is specifically designed for occupational and non-occupational disability. 

LifeTEAM® is the first national care network to integrate an evidence-based psychosocial intervention with active physical therapy. The development of the LifeTEAM® Network of PGAP® Consultants is the largest implementation of the integration of physical therapy and psychosocial interventions in the U.S. 

How it Works (for out of work individuals)

1         LifeTEAM® Intake or Case Review

       Discuss options and goals with referral source

3         LifeTEAM® Program (Program Track Recommendations)

Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP®) or PGAP® Plus Physio

Options: Peer to Peer, Recovery Manager


Clinical Leaders. Reducing Dependency.

LifeTEAM’s Complex Chronic Pain Pathway is a comprehensive interdisciplinary opioid rehabilitation program for workers’ compensation clients. Our programs are born out of years of clinical practice. We have been leaders in providing ‘hands on’ treatment services for injured workers for decades. We have combined best evidence intervention programs, managed care services, and case management services along with our clinical treatment expertise to develop an integrated interdisciplinary network.

A successful intervention for opioid withdrawal of a chronic pain patient requires integrated medical management of medication and disability behaviors arising from pain and opioid dependency as well as management of the clinical pathology foundation of the pain. The LifeTEAM® Program provides the evaluation and management of these complex patients requiring medically supervised withdrawal of opioids. LifeTEAM® includes an addictions pain case manager, addictions pain specialist, health and behavior psychologist, physical therapist and a psychosocial return-to-work/return-to-life specialist. LifeTEAM specialists work closely with the treating provider(s), claims examiner and case manager to ensure continuity of care. The services are provided in the claimant’s home community, reducing the need for inpatient care. 

How it Works

1         LifeTEAM® Intake or Case Review

2        Discuss options and goals with referral source

3         LifeTEAM® Program (Program Track Recommendations)



Network Locations

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LifeTEAM® consultants and services are based in North America in 49 states. Our rehabilitation and clinical consultants come from specialties such as rehabilitation counseling, case management, occupational therapy, physical therapy, pain medicine, pain management, psychology and many others.



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